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IT Services

ITSS umbrella of IT services is large and covers all segments of the global IT services market. With the skilled IT support, we help you resolve any IT issues and help you make best use of the excellent IT facilities available.

We offer a wide range of IT services and solutions including:

Web & Graphic Designs

We will be there starting with you in planning for the right website for you, deciding on the most suitable and unique combination of its pieces, taking care of your concept and vision in your dream website while doing so; All until it is running up to your expectations and those of your clients/website visitors with the most satisfactory results.

Our design services do not stop at forming custom and exclusive websites, but also exceed it to include corporate identity designs (logo and branding), publications designs, and advertisement creativity.

Web Development

As part of making new website for you, our team of developers will be working hand-in-hand with the designers to develop your website, whether dynamic or static, and build its contents in a way that perfectly meets your requirements and needs.

We have the expertise as well to customize and develop any web application. Our development process starts from gathering all the requirements, analyzing them, studying project feasibility and its scope, and then implementing a well shaped application design and development wise.

Third Party Systems Integration

If your business requires different systems to be working together, whether web or desktop applications, or your website needs to be integrated and/or synchronized with other gateways, servers, and databases, our technical capabilities covers such needs.

Hosting & Domains

You can choose a domain name from a variety of available domains provided by ITSS, and/or get your domain up and running in no time, have it hosted on either a dedicated server or shared with insulated and secure environment – according to your business requirements and needs.

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